6:17 Tactical offers customization on many handguns, namely Glocks. While the options below are specific to Glocks, many of the modifications can be made to any pistol. Please contact us using the contact form below if you have any questions about whether a modification can be made to your firearm (prices may vary on other firearms, contact for specific pricing)

6:17 Tactical offers a number of modifications to polymer framed pistols, which you can either bring to us for modification or purchase through us (price not included). Pricing per modification, as well as for our PCS and Performance Packages, are listed below. 

Pistol Modifications

Stippling (Hand or Laser, over 100 patterns available) – $125

Hybrid (Combination Hand/Laser Stippling) – $150

Accelerator Cut/Slide Lock Bevel (Left or Right) – $40

Accelerator Cut/Slide Lock Bevel (Both Sides) – $50

Single or Double Undercut – $40

Mag Scallop/”Ice Cream Scoop” (Gen 3 only) – $50 Add on to Stippling Only

Enhanced Finger Groove/Finger Groove Removal (Gen 3/4 Only) – $50 Add on to Stippling Only

Match Fit Optic Cut – $60 (Recommend with Cerakote, must purchase or supply optic)

Slide Porting/Engraving – Varies Per Design (Cerakote required with porting/engraving)

Cerakote – Starting at $75 for slide or frame, single color, see here for a list of colors: https://www.cerakote.com/shop/cerakote-coating?series=cera_h_series)

Pistol Customization Service (PCS)


The Pistol Customization Service, or PCS, is a combination of services offered at a discounted price. For $200 you receive:

Hand or Laser Stippling

Accelerator Cuts/Slide Lock Bevel (Both sides, full size frames only)

Single or Double Undercut

Single color Cerakote on Slide

Discounts on additional options when paired with the program

Free install of supplied or purchased parts

Glock Performance Package

In addition to the PCS, we also offer our performance package for full size and slimline Glocks. 

Full Size Frames (Glock 19/17/19X/34 or equivalent) – $300


Extended Magazine Release

Hyve Trigger/TTI Connector Kit or Timney Trigger Kit

NineX19 Magwell (Gen 3/4)/TTI Magwell (Gen 5)

TTI Magazine Extension x1

Trigger and Magazine Release available in 19 color combinations, magwell and extension black by default

Slimline (Glock 42/43/43X/48) – $150


Extended Magazine Release


Magazine Extension x2

Trigger, Magazine Extensions, and Magazine Release available in 19 color combinations

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