Service Discounted/Member Rate
(paid membership or 60 days
from purchase date)
Regular Price
FFL Transfer $0 (paid member only) $15
Gunsmithing Services $12/hour $24/hour
Customization (Part Replacement/Installation) $15/hour $30 hour
Customization (Engraving/Finishes) $20/hour $40/hour
Basic Marksmanship Instruction $12/hour, $50 full day $25/hour, $100 full day
Advanced Marksmanship Instruction $20/hour, $80 full Day $40/hour, $150 Full day
Custom Load Development (specific to Firearm) $25/hour (includes Range Fees) $50 per hour (includes range fees)
3D Printed Item Design $20/Hour $40/Hour
Form 1 Assistance $0 (paid member only) $10
Form 4 Filing $0 (With purchase) $10 (With Purchase)
Short Term Storage (Less than 2 weeks) $0 $5/Day
Long Term Storage (Longer than 2 weeks) $20/week $35/per week
Basic Firearm Cleaning $5 $15
Deep Cleaning/Maintenance Inspection $15 $30

We offer a variety of services including storage of your firearms in a safe location, parts replacements, cleanings, 3D printing, laser engraving or stippling, custom builds and specialized hand loads, training (both beginner and advanced), and many others. Please see the above chart for standard service rates and fill out the contact form below for a quote specific to your needs.

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