Frequently Asked Questions

What items require a tax stamp?

The ATF requires that you obtain a tax stamp for all items that fall under the National Firearms Act, such as automatic weapons, rifles with a barrel shorter than 16″ or overall length shorter than 26″, shotguns with a barrel shorter than 18″ or overall length less than 26″, and suppressors.


How long does it take to get a tax stamp?

Typically it takes between 250-370 days for your Form 4 to be approved by the ATF. For statistics about the average wait time for Form 4 approval see below:


Can I have a firearm shipped to my door?
No. After purchase you will be contacted to arrange for pickup of your firearm at an FFL of your choice, or (for Arizona residents) to arrange a time to pick up your firearm.


Do I need to have a license to have a machine gun, SBR, or silencer?

No. The best way to think of the purchase of a “Class 3” or NFA item is as a “title” transfer between our company and you or your gun trust. While the ATF must approve the transfer (which we will assist with), you do not physically need your own license to make a purchase. 


What does 6:17 stand for?

It is a verse from the Book of Ephesians in the Bible that states, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”


What is .223 Wylde?

.223 Wylde is a chambering created by a man named John Wylde, and essentially splits the difference between the .223 Remington and 5.56  NATO chamberings, allowing either round to be used without the typical accuracy loss or overpressure side effects. It has quickly become the industry standard for .223/5.56 rifles, and is the chambering we use in our firearms. 

Warranty Information

To download a copy of the 6:17 Tactical firearms Owner’s Manual, click here.

Returns and Exchanges

At 6:17 Tactical, 100% customer satisfaction is always our goal. We understand that issues with orders may arise from time to time that need to be addressed.


If you think there may be a defect with any of the products you purchased from us, please contact us for an inspection. If a defect is found your purchased items can be exchanged for store credit or an exchange of the product. 6:17 Tactical will accept requests for store credit or exchanges on all products, excluding firearms and ammunition, within 30 days of delivery. Refunds will not be issued for products that were delivered as described on our website.


Once the request is submitted, a representative of 6:17 Tactical will review the request and contact you to arrange a return. Include the return information sheet inside your package and follow the return instructions page which will be provided with the return label.


After the product arrives at 6:17 Tactical, it will be inspected, and your request will be processed. Within 3-5 business days of arrival at our facility, you will either receive your store credit or the exchange items will ship out as soon as stocking will allow.


Sales of promotional, seasonal, discontinued, and clearance items, as well as e-gift cards are all final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing from 6:17 Tactical you agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions; furthermore you represent, warrant, and confirm the following:


  • All sales on firearms and ammunition are final.
  • You are old enough to purchase the items requested in your state of residence at the time of purchase.
  • You are not a felon
  • You are not legally barred from purchasing, possessing, or using the item(s) purchased.
  • You are legally allowed to possess and use the item(s) in your state.
  • Your purchase does not violate any local, state, or federal laws.
  • You are not purchasing the item(s) for criminal or amoral purposes.
  • You will only use the item(s) for lawful purposes.
  • You are purchasing the item(s) on your own behalf and not on behalf of someone else in order to avoid complying with these Terms and Conditions.
  • You will not hold 6:17 Tactical or SBH Holdings liable for any damage to person(s) or property resulting from the use (or misuse) of the item(s) purchased.
  • You understand that these products are volatile and use of them does carry the inherent risk of damage to the person and property of yourself and others.
  • You agree, for yourself and your heirs, assigns and agents, to fully and completely release, never bring any action in any court of law against, and to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless 6:17 Tactical and SBH Holdings LLC for any and all liability stemming from your purchase, possession, or use of the item(s).
  • Illegally purchasing, possessing, or using a firearm or other items sold by 6:17 Tactical may result in severe legal consequences for you, up to and including incarceration. 6:17 Tactical will cooperate fully with all criminal investigations.

6:17 Tactical assumes NO LIABILITY for your use or misuse of any item(s) sold or donated, including without limitation any incidental or consequential liability. ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. NO ORAL AGREEMENT OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND SHALL BE BINDING UNLESS IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF  6:17 TACTICAL. Statements, images, or descriptions are informational only, and not made or given as a warranty in any way. 6:17 Tactical specifically disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of items sold. 6:17 Tactical does not cover any consequential damages, and its liability is limited to repairing or replacing defective items. Every items is sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. 


These Terms and Conditions may be updated, revised, or changed without prior notice.

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