6:17 Tactical - Promoting your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones

Based outside of Phoenix, AZ, we are a custom firearms shop that also deals in retail sales, ammunition, gear, and accessories.  We retain a certified gunsmith on staff for all of your firearms needs, from simple cleanings to complex ground-up builds and 3D printing/milling of parts. We are a Type 7 FFL (manufacturer) and class 2 SOT, meaning that we can build and sell NFA items such as short barreled rifles/shotguns and suppressors.  For any questions, please reach out to us through our contact page, and we will reply as soon as possible.

About the Owner

With a strong family background in the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, the founder of 6:17 Tactical, Brandon Hill, grew up with an immense respect for service and the role of firearms in the household. A graduate of Norwich University, one of the nation's Senior Military Colleges, he served as an Armor Officer in the U.S. Army. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, armorer's certifications, and is currently pursuing a second Bachelor's in Engineering Management and an Associate's in Firearms Technology. Brandon has over a decade of experience with firearms, and uses his experience with computers and firearms to assist customers with everything from routine parts replacements to custom ground-up builds.

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